Sasha Berman

Sasha spends her time daydreaming about life after high school, figuring out what to wear, and traveling. She is a junior in high school and lives in Orlando, Florida. She is the founder and editor-in-chief of The Spark Post.

instagram: @ohhmysash



chelsea wilck blogger writer

Chelsea Wilck 

Grew up in L.A. and now Florida, Chelsea is a writer for The Spark Post, our Taylor Swift devotee, and a dedicated ballet dancer. During her free time, Chelsea plays guitar and paints watercolors. Besides Taylor Swift, Chelsea loves collecting records, fashion, photography, and bonfires with friends.

julia macias writer blogger

Julia Macias

Julia Macias is a California Native, who obsesses over coffee shops, alternative bands, and writing in her journal. She often daydreams about sitting at a coffee shop in a big city, or about wandering the streets of Paris, or of course wondering what it would be like to spend a day with Audrey Hepburn. I guess you could say, she does a lot of daydreaming.


ale sanchez writer blogger

Ale Sánchez

 • Tragically obsessed with boy bands and proud of it.
 • Fashion takes up around 60% of my brain and I'm not upset about it. 
 • Will start talking in a british accent at any point of the day. Sorry.
 • Owner of the online vintage store
 • I put too much thought into my tumblr blog even though nobody ever visits it.

francesca mouery writer blogger

Francesca Mouery

Francesca Mouery is that girl with the blonde hair and the red lipstick, who is 18 going on 80. An old soul at heart and raised in a family that took her to Disney every weekend, she thoroughly enjoys theatre, fashion, and art (Renior paintings makes her giddy). She is undoubtedly a lover of all things lovely. That being said, her interests include belting her face off, using more lipstick than the average woman, and eating ice cream as if it were an Olympic sport. She is a silly little thing. She also creates vlogs on a YouTube account called “heyitsthefranny”.

mia berrin writer blogger

Mia Berrin

Mia Berrin is a musician, actress, writer, and photographer currently based in Orlando, Florida. She enjoys Riot Grrrl music, Stevie Nicks, fuzzy sweaters, loud guitars, and having dance parties in her room. Mia is currently high school senior. When she grows up she wants to be Cher Horowitz. 

brooklyn viceroy writer blogger

Brooklyn Vickery

Brooklyn Vickery is a just a girl growing up in the middle of Washington, she usually spends her time daydreaming during school, sipping coffee, listening to music, or filming with friends. A fashion, musical, and lifestyle enthusiast, ultimate fangirl, and a student trying to make it through the many years of school. When she gets out of school she hopes to be doing something in the lines of filmography or photography, but mostly just having fun and being happy with who she has become as a person.

taylor mccarthy writer blogger

Taylor McCarthy

Taylor is a 16 year old, montreal native. Currently daydreaming about either travelling around the world in a Volkswagen van with nothing other than messy hair and a free soul, or living a busy life in the city that never sleeps (thanks, Gossip Girl). Constantly being known as the hippie due to her constant seek of positivity, daisied palazzo pants, and infatuation with Stevie Nicks. Her interests include pugs, meditation, fashion, thrifting, living in a blanketed cocoon and art she cant explain.

angelina coronado writer blogger

Angelina Coronado

Angelina is a freshman in a high school who likes reading zines, eating strawberries, learning about space, and being with her two cats. She spends most of her time doing those things, watching films, and writing.

freya davis writer blogger

Freya Davis

Freya is a 20-year-old English University student studying Fashion. She drinks far too much tea (typical Brit) and LOVES makeup, photography (Instagram addict!) and YouTube. She spends the majority of her time either watching fashion and beauty videos, or attempting to vlog over on at her YouTube channel ‘freyasimagination’. She is constantly buying hair/beauty products and clothes (goodbye student loan), and forever dreaming about living in California… I will live there one day. IT WILL HAPPEN.

lleia mooney writer blogger

Ileia Mooney

Ileia spends most of her days indulging in the 3 N's: Netflix, Naps, and Not doing homework.  She has a passion for writing, reading, and good music. She is currently obsessed with being the best version of herself possible, which includes lots of gym time, healthy meals, and self care (although her idea of 'self care' tends to be spending money on makeup and clothes or baking mini muffins at midnight). She also has a large collection of over-sized sweaters and funky socks, which she tends to wear 80% of the time.

Olivia Flournoy

Olivia is a fifteen year old high school student in a little city just outside of Sacramento, California. Her main interest is trying new things in order to figure out what interests her. She also enjoys playing trombone, debating, doing makeup, mint ice cream, and science.


Selena McGuinness

Selena is a 15 year old high school student living on the outskirts of London. She currently volunteers at a charity shop and loves musical theatre and performing. Her one true love has always been New York City and she spends a huge amount of her time longing to be there. Her interests include good music, the ocean, reading, surfing the internet, fashion and summer.

Kate Sansome

Kate lives in Adelaide, Australia where she studies design, takes photographs and writes about local music in her city.  She is obsessed with sunflowers, chasing rainbows and sunshine, and following moon phases to somewhat make sense of her life.  She loves art, music, fashion, poetry and any form of self-expression and creativity.  She tries to find the good in all people and loves to hear their life stories.  She believes that everything is a lesson and try to always be positive and kind (at least most of the time!)  She stands up for people and animal rights, and will pick a fight when it comes to ignorance and animal cruelty.  She spends most of her time soul-searching, drawing, reading, taking photographs and attempting to find the hidden treasures of her city and most of all dreaming about adventuring and travelling.

Isabel Quililan

Isabel is fifteen and the kind of girl who'd wear a black leather jacket to both a formal, black tie event and an Easter brunch. She enjoys reading, photography, and trying not to swoon when debate legends talk to her at tournaments. Isabel considers baking the only chemistry she needs in life, and is just finding out that her parents are the greatest people she'll ever meet.

Tamsen Simpson

Tamsen is a fifteen year old girl that lives on the beach in the great Sunshine State. She's quite artsy, dabbling in: film, drawing/painting, & s/fx makeup. She hopes to study film in New York City someday. She frequents thrift stores a little too much, and is obsessed with dinosaurs and science fiction.