"Reach out to people, open yourself up, and adventure is inevitable"

- Unknown

Chivalry is NOT Dead

Chivalry is NOT Dead

You dust off your old, gold engraved story book you got when you were about 4,

 And you open the cover, to all that’s in store.


And lo’ and behold, a tale that’s so brave,

Of minstrels and jesters and even the knave!


You flip through the bridge with the troth underneath,

you read of the fairies with heads bared in wreaths.


You follow the knight as he trudges on through,

the scary dark forest, too fearsome and true.


You then face the dragon, with fire breathing wrath,

The knight will defeat him, no longer in the path.


And up he climbs to that big, hearty tower,

where a princess has waited an hour after hour.


A kiss is bestowed upon her lips like rose petals,

she wakes with a smile, and all seems to be settled.


She rides off into the sunset, her prince ever found,

As love will conquer all, and grow, and astound.

    This poem, that I so quickly crafted, channeling my fairytale-loving mind is going to be the basis of this post. Specifically because Ive noticed many young women around me (friends, ladies at school, and beyond) who have sort ofGiven up hope on a fairytale love.

    Now, as a tad of a disclaimer, this post isnt focused on how you dont need a man to survive and you dont need a man to love yourself. Because, in fact, you dont need a man to do anything. You are your own person and you can do anything you put your mind to, by yourself, regardless of gender. That is where some of our old fairytales gather a bit of dust with the times and are considered a bit outdated. But, I digress.

    This is a post settling in the realm of something that I feel very passionately about and very strongly forAnd that is love and chivalry. When I say that many young women have given up on fairytale love, I meanthe romantic gestures, the nights doing something so simple its beautiful, and simply just the kindness of another man (or woman).

Sign of The Times

    History has brought ages of spurts of carefree nature through out all of time. In fact, due to human nature, we have always been rather carefree being trying to make something of the mystery of life on Earth through our relationships with each other, whether they be platonic or romantic. We make something of our time here through the people we interact with and the relationships built.

    Perhaps it is because I’m old fashioned, and of course it is a matter of preference, but in this day and age it seems like chivalrous actions have taken a high flight into the pits of who-knows-what. True, genuine romance seems non-existent at times. The 2000s have brought this notion of… “hitting that and leavingor calling a girl your main hoe. Thats not appealing to me. I want beautiful romance and I want it now. And, I think many other young women want the same type of love in their life.


    Chivalry. The elusive creature that many girls fear is slipping through the cracks of time and is never to be seen again. But, in actuality, I can attest that chivalry is not dead. It is alive and well, but you must be patient and you must seek it out in the right place. Ive seen it. And even when I havent seen chivalry right in front of my eyes, Ive believed that its been living somewhere in the world, waiting break free to me and the ladies around me.

    Today, chivalry doesnt have to be a guy riding a pony and saving you from a ferocious beast. I mean, if he does do that for you, please, cherish that man forever. That would be quite impressive and I would applaud him.

    Chivalry can be as simple as a door held at the supermarket or simply saying that a young woman looks beautiful when shes feeling down and outand meaning it.

Romantic Gestures

    Nothing says romance like a warm cuddle on a rainy night or even receiving some flowers (or in my case, candy or pizza, since I am highly allergic) for no apparent reason.

    It is a fact. Men who try to give what they can, no matter what to a woman are successful in the romantic gesture department. This doesnt exclusively apply to material things because with love, material things shouldnt matter. However, when a man gives you his undivided attention, his care and concern, and puts you first?

Romantic gestures? I think yes.

Loving Words

    Through this technological age, it is not out of the ordinary to see a boy text a girl profanities thinking it will catch her attention. We are not in kindergarten anymore, lads. Being mean to the person you are trying to attain does not get you anywhere, and we ladies know that.

    Love notes. Where have they gone? Where are they now? Are they lost in the manners and gestures of the time?

Am I the only one wondering this???

Dont we all enjoy encouragement and compliments that dont categorize into the realm of:

Damn, girl, you have a fine booty???

Now, some of you Sparkies may be wondering:

Are you just listing things that guys need to do? This is for us! We already know all of this. We know what we want, we just cant achieve it.

And, this is the answer I am going to give to you and, and answer that I have learned full well:

Find a guy who is worth you and your time.

Find a guy who respects you and cares for you, at every moment.

Find a guy who make every day a bright one, with the sound of their voice or the touch of their hands.

Find a guy who makes your heart skip a beat.

Find a guy who gives you unconditional care, knows how to communicate with you, and likes you for all that you are and all that you do.

Find a guy who is genuine. And unlike any other you’ve met before.

    See, finding a guy shouldnt be a wild goose chase or a hunt. You will meet the man you love in time and at the right moment. You cant force these things because it just doesnt work and eventually, you just end up settling for less than you deserve. You deserve perfect treatment. And it honestly kills me when I see a girl feel that shes less than because she cant find the perfect guy. The perfect guy will be someone you know is a true love. You will just know.

    I have seen the results of waiting for someone worth while. Sure, in this day and age, there are 1000000000000s of guys who will not respect you, who will use you and your body, who will degrade you for their personal things that they want

Nice guys. Respectful guys. Genuine, loving men do exist.

Its the swarm of boys who make us feel like romance is just an old, dusty fairytale.


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