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Softer Than a Baby's Bottom

Softer Than a Baby's Bottom

Hello out there!

My name is Olivia, and I'm happy to be the newest writer here at The Spark Post!

So, for my first post ever, I thought I'd put my two cents into the Beauty section and share a few skin care tricks that I've picked up, mostly through trial and error. But I know what you're thinking: "Why should I take skincare advice from someone I don't even know?

Good point! Here's a few facts about me:

• I'm a high school sophomore

• I play trombone in two jazz bands, a wind ensemble, and a symphony orchestra

• I debate and compete in extemporaneous speaking for my school

• I can take procrastination to levels you've never seen before

• My three favorite words are "Aubrey Drake Graham"

• I wish my life was a superhero movie

• I'll try anything once

But enough useless info about me, I know what you came here for. Let’s get to the skincare.

When I was 9, I started getting really bad acne. This was sucky, because all the other nine year olds had clear skin, and because acne is not fun to be stressed out about, especially at that age. I tried everything; cleansers and scrubs, little face washing machines, big name acne treatments, and eventually prescription creams. Each of these helped for a while, but never lasted. I was very hopeless, especially because all of my friends still had clear skin.

Something I should have focused on back then was moisturizing. Would it have solved all my acne problems? I don't know. But it surely would have helped. Moisturizing your skin is incredibly important to keep your skin resilient, healthy, and young looking. Your skin is meant to protect your insides, like the walls of a castle.  What kind of castle has weak walls protecting it? One that's not of much value, I'd say. And you, my friend, have a lot of value.

So moisturize! This is the obvious first step to getting softer, healthier skin. Make sure your skin is a little damp (your moisturizer needs moisture to lock in, or else it’s not doing its job) and slather on your favorite cream. I like to use two; coconut oil in the mornings, and shea butter at night. Coconut oil is amazing because it contains enriching vitamins like E and A, and it’s also antibacterial. I adore shea butter because it has repairing qualities and absorbs into the skin pretty quickly. Not only has my skin become softer, but my skin is less oily and my dark spots and acne scars have started fading away, since I began using these two. But finding the right moisturizer for you is going to take a bit of experimentation on your part. Petroleum, Glycerine, and Dimethicone seem to be the hot (and effective) commodities when it comes to a good face cream. Vitamin E is also something to search for. Avoid parabens, because recent research shows they may interfere with your body’s hormones, which could lead to disease.

Moisturize your insides too! Drink as much water as you can, every day. What's recommended is 64 ounces daily. If you can't do that, start with 32 ounces and work your way up. Your newfound energy and detoxified body will be will be worth all the bathroom trips, I promise!

I leave you with two warnings:

Number One: exfoliate, because you absolutely must get any dead, rough skin off in order to reveal your new softer skin; but DO NOT under ANY circumstances over exfoliate. 2-3 times a week is all you need. Over exfoliation leads to patchy dryness, itchiness, redness, inflammation, and sensitivity, which are not the business.

Number Two: don't wash your face too much. Over washing strips your skin of its natural oils and can cause irritation and a worsening in acne. I only wash my face once a day, right before bed, and while a bit unconventional, it's the best decision I've ever made. My skin glows, feels softer, and most importantly, is noticably healthier.

I hope these little tips will help you on your healthy skin journey. Please keep in mind that everyone's skin is different, so I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to experiment and find what's best for you. And if you have any tips of your own, put them in the comment section!


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