"Reach out to people, open yourself up, and adventure is inevitable"

- Unknown

I Dedicate this Day to Myself

I Dedicate this Day to Myself

I think it’s very healthy to spend time alone. You need to know how to be alone and not be defined by another person.
— Oscar Wilde

From time to time we all need some alone time, because although it’s fun to be with friends, we need to learn to do things for ourselves and to do them alone. There are so many marvelous activities that you could try while being alone. So, dedicate a day to yourself and try out a few things that I will be listing for you!

Blast your tunes: It’s so amazingly fun to dance around your room while playing some of your favorite songs. So don’t be afraid to do some of your craziest, most embarrassing, and hilarious dance moves because after all, you are all alone, with no one to judge. Click here for an epic teenage bedroom dance playlist.

Re-Decorate your room: This could either be something very simple such as, you changing the pictures on your wall or it could be something a bit more complex such as, putting your bed or desk in different area in your room. Make your room just a little bit cozier with a few changes!

Experiment with new recipes: Always wanted to make that deliciously looking milkshake? Here’s your chance! Try out any recipes you’ve been dying to make. Once you’re finished making it, enjoy it while reading or even watching a movie.

Plant something: This is such a positive activity to try out. It’s simple, yet it’s such a meaningful task. So, try it out! Who knows, you may become a garden enthusiast. 

Take a luxurious bath: You don’t need a bath bomb, or any other fancy bath items to take a luxurious bath. Simply fill your bath with warm water, put some bubbles in, turn the lights off, set up some candles, and enjoy yourself one of the best baths you will ever have.

Indulge in a novel: What’s better than getting your self lost in a book? Grab that novel that you’ve been eyeing for weeks, make yourself some tea, and let your mind wander while you read the novel.

Finish up any chores: Here’s your time to finish any tasks you’ve been needing to do. No more excuses, finish up those chores!

Hopefully after reading this article, you are ready to plan a whole day dedicated to yourself. Never be ashamed to enjoy being alone, it’s completely normal. Always remember to put yourself before anyone else.

See you all soon,

Julia Macias.


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