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I Love Old Men

I Love Old Men

Hello lovelies. Let’s talk about old men.

Because this right here is a list of my all time favorite old men. And we’re definitely doing this by the decade, dears. Because though many of these men are older and could in fact be my father (or my grandfather, for that matter), I adore them endlessly. I could talk about some of the absolutely wonderful men we have today (Exhibit A: Tom Hiddleston). And that will come in time… But, ladies, right now we’re talking about the old men; the old men of Golden Age Hollywood and the ages that some gals…aren’t even aware of!

*Though some of these men are actually not actually considered “old” (and I absolutely agree 100% on that), this is just a run down of the gorgeous men of the past.*

If you don’t know who these gentlemen are… All of that is soon about to change.

Greetings loved ones. Let’s take a journey.


(we’re going to skip the 1930’s… because I can’t seem to think of any lovely lads from this time period that I absolutely love and The Great Depression was going on anyway… sad day…If you think of any, comment below!)






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