"Reach out to people, open yourself up, and adventure is inevitable"

- Unknown

A step-by-step guide towards self love

A step-by-step guide towards self love



the regard for one's own well-being and happiness. 

    Within the last couple of years I've realized that life takes unexpected turns constantly, bringing you up with small happy moments like sun shining onto your shoulder through classroom blinds on the darkest days or getting ice cream on Sundays, but then it could pull you down like gravity does with a child just learning to walk, to the moments you feel like your heart has fell to your feet and your emotions are in a whirlpool. 

In most of our weakest minutes, we look to others in order to feel alive. Walking through the streets and feeling alone while watching people laugh in crowds, because it's just ''one of those days.'' secretly and silently wishing you had someone by your side to laugh with even if it's a fake chuckle or plastered on smile. Which is acceptable, because sometimes just someone's company alongside some twirling around your room together with some jazzy tunes on in the background, or a book accompanied by tea and someone's feet next to yours is enough. But when you don't have anyone there to reassure you, it's important to know that YOU have YOURSELF

At the end of the day you need to realize that you are the one person who’s always going to be here. You're a beautiful, delicate flower. Nurture yourself with kind words each day. When you look in the mirror in the morning after that huge breakfast you feel guilty about eating, tell yourself that your food baby is the cutest thing in the world and that ANYONE would be lucky to wake up to your messy hair and dark under eye circles. You're enough and you need to constantly remind yourself that because in our degrading society we all call home, we're taught that we're not.  

لا أبحث عن نصفي الأخر لأنني لستُ نصفًا. 


Lastly, you need to remember that before you love anyone else you need to love yourself. Seems impossible right? like c'mon, lets be real here. but I PROMISE you my dears, it's more than possible with a little work. You need to realize your self worth before you allow yourself to love someone who has the opportunity at hand to ruin your whole world. You need to know that you're important and that you have love to pass on to everyone. Be kind. Be proud. Be ready to love, but never think you need someone to complete you. You're a whole.   


1) treat yourself,
whether it's with a slice of pizza the size of your face or a bath filled with bubbles while singing along to all of your favorite songs.  

2) recognize your worth.
you're worth it, let no one tell you different.  

3) strut your stuff.
put on your fav undies and cutest bra, and just strut your stuff around your room. love your body. it's not all of you, but it's what you were given so work it girl. 

4) nurture yourself, 
eat healthy foods that'll not only make you feel good about yourself but will make you happy because who doesn't love bright oranges or sweet red strawberries.  

5) compliment yourself,
you're a perfect human being.  


    After following some of these steps, I promise that you will feel yourself getting a little happier and your smiles will start feeling a little truer. You don’t need to be covered in kisses or showered in compliments from others to know you're the best you that you can be. KEEP ON KEEPING ON. 


                                                             yours truly,  

                                                         Taylor McCarthy  

                                                          insta: puglytay  



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