"Reach out to people, open yourself up, and adventure is inevitable"

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Staying Messy with The Messy Heads

Staying Messy with The Messy Heads

        One day a couple months back while surfing the internet in the midst of winter blues and semester exams, I came across one of the most inspiring and positive websites I had ever seen: www.themessyheads.com. A blog written by two beautiful souled best friends, The Messy Heads' summery vibes and positive energy have been inspiring me to really become a better person, to remain true to myself, and to accept my imperfections. From ways to meditate to photo diaries that make you wish it were summer, their posts spark every wanderlusting, ripped jean wearing, festival going, record listening, seashell finding, sun kissed, tie-dying, adventure taking, knotted haired, fearless skateboarding, tea drinking, and soul improving messy head in all of us. 

      I interviewed them on their website, friendship, and long term goals.

At the moment, what is your favorite...

• Film: 

Emma: Grease, it reminds me of my childhood because I would watch it 100 times in a row. I also find it comforting that some of the actors playing high schoolers are in their 30s, makes me feel like I can pretend to be a kid for a while longer.

India: Lords of dog town… I almost don’t want to say that because its so redundant but its so true. If I said any other movie it would just be because I didn’t want to be a broken record. It is my nostalgia and my childhood.. I used to sit in my playroom when I was 6 and watch that movie over and over on my little princess TV. 

• Quote: 

Emma: “Blowing out someone else’s candle doesn’t make yours brighter”

• Song: 

Emma: Love by Kid Cudi

India: Forever by Ben Harper and Find Me a Place by Jupiter One. 

• Article of Clothing:

Emma: Currently with all this traveling, I am loving these pants I got from Subdued. They look like tight little checked suit pants, but feel like sweat pants, kind of a win-win. 

India: Overalls, you don’t even have to try. You can put on a turtleneck or nothing under it and its still an outfit. You can bring back that TLC sexy look with the floral pumps and bra underneath. Perfect combination of tomboy and girly.

• Meal:

Emma: OMG.. My mom makes this buckwheat pasta with grilled brussel sprouts, edamame, tomatoes, potatoes, and an avocado pesto sauce. I can’t explain how much I love it and wish I could eat a big bowl of it right now. 

India: Anything with avocado…… Really though.

If you had to wear the same article of clothing everyday for the rest of your lives, what would it be?

Emma: Overalls

India: Underwear

Spring/Summer beauty routines?

Emma: Face sunscreen always, I put it on like moisturizer. I rarely wear makeup in the summer because I am in the ocean too much it just gets messed up any way. Just throw some chapstick and aloe in your bag and you are set. For my hair, I usually run some Moroccan oil through it just to add some hydration since I recently bleached my ends to dye it pink.

India: MOISTURIZE!! Can’t emphasize that enough.

• Strangest article of clothing you own?

Emma: I own a lot of guys clothes, I always go to the guys section of the store and buy t-shirts. They are so much cheaper and I pretend it belongs to my imaginary boyfriend. I don’t know if that counts as weird?

India: These vintage surf shorts

• Who are your biggest style icons?

Emma: INDIA. No matter what she wears I’m always like “fuck that looks so good.” We were Facetiming the other day and I was obsessing over what she was wearing, literally just a plain lavender top. But she wears it in a way that it's like her second skin. Also, Rihanna. In an interview she said she either wears a bra and no top, or a top and no bra, and that is pretty much my motto too.

India: Coco Chanel, Becky Bunz, and Emma

• Lipstick or chapstick?

Emma: Chapstick

India: Chapstick

• Bikini or one piece?

Emma: Oooh this is tough. I feel like the one piece is going to be big next summer. We got these american apparel 80's shaped one pieces that will be my summer staple.

India: Bikini. No wait, neither

• Coffee or tea?

Emma: Currently having three cups of black coffee a day since I am traveling so much in Europe. I feel like coffee is for when you want to get shit done and tea is for when you want to unwind.  

India:  Coffee everyday but tea on especially hot days.

• Denim or leather jacket?

Emma: Tattered, distressed as shit, oversized, soft, denim jacket

India: Denim. I live in denim.

Okay, so...

It’s clear in reading your blog that you two are soul mates, how did you guys meet and how long have you been friends?

Emma: We met because I dated her brother and he brought me to California for two weeks with the family. Me & India honestly fell in friend love pretty fast and Blaze (India’s brother) would be like “Emma you are going to leave me for my sister…” oops. 

India: Moment I knew we were going to be friends: when we were in Gaslamp in San Diego and we were sitting in a little gelato place and we shared a sundae and we had just met, such a movie moment. Then we went to Urban outfitters and raided the racks and strutted around in fur coats and sunglasses and walked out with matching levi shorts.

I am guessing being far apart from each other is a challenge, what are some of the ways you overcome that and stay close?

Emma: FACETIMING!! We FaceTime every chance we get. Sometimes we will be on for hours, both of us just doing work or something but it’s nice because it feels like we are in the same room. Sometimes India will leave me on the counter and her family members will come pick me up and say hi. We also send each other care packages and letters all the time.

India: We have these positive voodoo dolls of each other that you stick with different pins, so I stick her doll everyday.

I get so inspired to be a more positive person when I read your blog, but where do you guys find inspiration?

Emma: We are both really attracted to the ocean. Not just the tumbling waves, but the people that the coast attracts. Our first project together was photographing people at the US open and it was a blast. Personally I find a lot of inspiration in India because she is such a free spirit and wants to make every day an adventure.

India: Walking through bazaars, like Leaping Lotus. Driving around at night and blasting music and just thinking. And Emma of course. She is so serendipitous and always creates these little moments. 

When are you the most "messy"?

Emma: We chose the word "messy" because every publication and magazine and blogger out there is so focused on perfection. We wanted to be like "hey, we are all a little messy and that is how it is supposed to be". Girls get pretty hard on themselves because they feel this immense pressure to be perfect and we wanted to be the breath of fresh air for that. We get kind of upset when people keep asking us how we do our hair.. we are like “dude that’s not our point, that’s not our message.” We get that we have messy hair but we try to focus all of our posts towards inner beauty. 

We are at our “messiest” after a long day at a concert or at the beach, when cheeks hurt from smiling too much and legs are sore from running and dancing, and we are just walking around barefoot in the darkness trying to find some late night funnel cake or bruxie to make our perfect day last as long as possible.

Wow, I absolutely love that!

What are your long term goals for the blog?

Emma: I think we just want to inspire as many girls as possible, that is step one. We are really interested in working with small brands, people who put hard work into creating their garments. For some reason in the U.S. we have a really small handful of brands to buy from, and we would love to show people some more inspired clothes. We also talk about hosting a Messy Heads Music Fest, that would be the dream. Aqua dolls & Modsun are on our lineup for sure, and I would make India sing a song too. She is actually such a fricken good singer. And then we can dance with all of our little messy heads into the sunset.

Omg, I am so there! Just give me a time and a place!

India: Yeah, we just really want to be able to tell our stories to countries all over the world. We want to integrate a piece of each country and culture back with us and into our blog. Have a place to share our memories and spread our message. I don’t care if we get redundant about it because a memory and a feeling is something you will never experience twice.

All images are courtesy of Dana Berk (https://instagram.com/danaberk)

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