"Reach out to people, open yourself up, and adventure is inevitable"

- Unknown

February Favorites

February Favorites

So the weather outside is frightful (I guess? I've heard there's this thing called "snow" elsewhere?? Can someone please explain???)

BUT SERIOUSLY YOU GUYS I hope everyone is staying safe, warm, and most importantly, inside.

So without further ado, here are some of my favorite things from February: 


-  Required Reading:

Meredith Graves for Enormouseye.com

            Meredith Graves, Rookie contributor and lead singer of the band Perfect Pussy is probably one of my favorite people ever, so you can imagine how excited I was to stumble upon this piece she wrote for EnormousEye.com describing a day in her life. She not only goes into quirky, perfect detail about rubber, gold-painted, cockroaches affixed to roller skates and what I imagine to be a slightly disappointing cup of rose tea, but also makes important insights about anxiety and self-knowledge. The whole thing sort of makes me wonder if I am doing enough with my day.


"Stars in Your Pocket" - Rookie

            Do you know that feeling when someone says the perfect thing to you at the perfect time? That's what reading this article felt like. "Stars in Your Pocket" is like the world's best pep talk for those who have ever struggled with the "is my art good enough" phenomenon. I'm currently taking an extremely oppressive creative writing class (woe is me, the irony), which has been consistently trying to instill in me the idea that there is such thing as "good art" and "bad art." By this, I mean that my teacher is comparing the works of teenagers to classic authors and poets. There is nothing wrong with classic authors and poets, or the works of teenagers for that matter, but I think to judge art by originality and complexity is unfair. I really don't believe in original art or fashion or whatever; everything has been done before in one way or another. We look to the past and we improve upon it. That doesn't mean that the later works are lesser. And as for complexity, Leigh Alexander, who is quoted in the article, says "the rock opera fans at my high school would try to discredit [Nirvana's] sudden popularity by pointing out that 'anyone can play' Nirvana songs." NIRVANA.

ANYWAY, Annie's article was like the guiding light that I needed. It not only reminds me why I love the DIY punk/art scene so much, but also how important it is to just love what you do without worrying about being "good."


What to Watch:

Oscar Movie Marathons:

            Sometimes I am an extremely happy homebody. I'm sort of an outgoing-introvert; so after a long day of being around people, being at home is a great time to like, recharge my social battery. This year my family made a point of trying to watch all of the best picture nominees before the Oscars.  Although I only got through The Grand Budapest Hotel, Boyhood, and The Theory of Everything, it was SO MUCH FUN YOU GUYS. Next year I think I'll turn it into a lil' party (you're all invited, duh).


Frances Ha:

            If you haven't already seen the movie Frances Ha, starring Greta Gerwig in the title role, please hop on your Netflix account, sit yourself in front of the nearest laptop and do so. It's a really gorgeous character piece for Gerwig, who co-wrote the script with her partner Noah Baumbach. Frances is not necessarily a likable character in the traditional sense, in part because sometimes you just wanna grab her by the shoulders and tell her that she is ruining her own life, but at the same time you get it. It's funny and sad (but only because this life will end blah blah blah) especially if you're feeling a little lost right now. If nothing else, the scene where she run-dances down the street to David Bowie's "Modern Love" is ICONIC.


Things Are OK:

            Girlpool is a two-piece band from L.A. made up of members Cleo Tucker and Harmony Tividad. This 25-minute documentary about the band depicts some of their live shows, as well as some gorgeous quotes from the girls about their relationship with each other. After watching it, I called up my best friend and told her I loved her. I don't even want to spoil it, just watch


- Food:

Green tea

            Apparently a cup of green tea in the morning speeds up your metabolism, so I've been trying to drink it every day before school. I like this kind with spearmint, lemon verbena leaves, and lemon grass. Not only is it tasty (if you're a tea person) but it also makes you feel like some sort of health goddess, even if it’s followed by two slices of cold pizza.


Hot Cocoa

            Did you guys know that hot chocolate and hot cocoa are two different things??

Hot chocolate = ground chocolate

Hot cocoa = cocoa power + milk

            Well, I've been drinking MAD hot cocoa lately; even if it's only slightly chilly here in FL. Plus, if you keep a thermos of it, it's a nice pick me up throughout the day.


Biscoff butter

            I've probably gained a solid five pounds in the past week because I have been eating straight spoonfuls of Biscoff butter. If you're ever had cookie butter from Trader Joe's, it's sort of like that but it's made solely out of those lotus cookies that they serve on Delta flights. YUM.


- Clothes:

Shearling coats

            This month I went to Chicago for the sake of college auditions. It was a really lovely trip, firstly because I got to do lots of acting and meet lots of people, and secondly because I kind of feel like I'm at my fullest personhood when I'm in an unfamiliar place. After realizing that I dress like a total Floridian, my mom lent me this adorable white faux shearling and fur coat. It was too bulky to pack, so I ended up wearing it EVERYWHERE, including on the plane, in the airport, through the hallways of grand hotels... Basically the whole time I felt like Penny Lane, one of my absolute favorite movie heroines, walking through the Riot House completely in her element. There's something about wearing a furry coat that can make you feel like a socialite or a rock star.



Mohair Sweaters:

            I'm all for mohair sweaters in the midst of any season. You can catch me wearing a mohair sweater in the summer, at a bowling alley, at da clubzz, to my own funeral etc. They're just so FUN. They remind me of girls from the 50s/Cher Horowitz/ California sunshine and love. Plus, they're great at parties because everyone wants to touch your sleeves.

            I have this one, in both pink and white, plus this long sleeved-one.


- Music:

"50 Ways to Leave Your Lover" - Paul Simon

            Did you guys hear the cover of this song that Miley did for the SNL 40th anniversary recently? Well, it was spectacular first off, but it really reminded me how special the original is. Just drop off the key, Lee, get yourself free.


"Know Yourself" - Drake



"At Seventeen" - Janis Ian

            I couldn't sleep the day after Valentine's Day this year, so I happened to catch an SNL re-broadcasting from 1975 where Janis Ian was the musical guest. She performed two songs, one of which was "At Seventeen," and it is one of the most touching things I've ever witnessed. I couldn't even tell you why. I highly recommend that you watch THIS version because there is something so important about it.  I think maybe it struck a chord with me because, like, I AM SEVENTEEN and this whole year has been a process of coming to grips with my future and carving out the details of some elusive "real life" I'm supposed to start living.


"Chateau Lobby #5 (in C for Two Virgins)" - Father John Misty

            I'm usually not a huge fan of the love-song genre, in fact when I write I avoid it altogether simply because I have nothing insightful or interesting to add to the discussion. This is not to say that good love songs don't exist, I just think that the authenticity of "love" can sometimes become tired or general amongst the cries of "baby baby" and "you're the only one."

            Listening to this song, almost feels like finding somebody's secret, private, love letterwhich it may very well be! Just do a quick Google search on "Joshua and Emma Elizabeth Tillman." The love in this song is almost a psychical entity. Basically it turns me into a big smiley puddle of gooey love emotions. 


You never go out of style if it's what you like to wear!

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