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How to Be Taylor Swift in 13 Simple Steps

How to Be Taylor Swift in 13 Simple Steps

Ask anyone nowadays “who is the biggest pop star?” and they will most likely say the one and only Taylor Swift. Not only is she an amazing singer/songwriter who wins every award possible, but she’s actually exactly like you and me! She writes incredibly relatable lyrics for any life situation, from cheating boyfriends to girls’ night out. And don’t get me started on her hilarious tweets and drop-dead gorgeous fashion sense.

Because I’ve spent the past few years of my life freaking out over Taylor Swift’s every move, obsessing over her music, and stalking her on Tumblr, I thought it was necessary to show you how to be as much like her as possible in 13 (of course) easy steps, all from the point of view of a crazed Swiftie!

1. Dance on your own

  Taylor is known for her awkward dance moves at award shows and in music videos, but she makes it look good because she doesn’t care what other people think of her! She dances so she can have fun. So whenever you’re having a bad day (or a good one), get down to Taylor’s sick beats and shake it off!




2. Never go out of style

  She may have gone through an awkward stage of sundresses and cowboy boots in her younger years, but, hey, all of us have, right? Recently though, Taylor has had a flawless fashion sense. Classy crop top and matching skirt sets and feminine, vintage dresses have definitely been a big part of her wardrobe lately, but she also has an urban vibe to her style now. She’s been seen shopping at Brandy Melville in New York City, and also wearing a Free People dress while roaming around L.A. No wonder her newest single was called “Style”!

3. Be a proud cat lady

  Taylor’s two Scottish Fold cats, Doctor Meredith Grey and Detective Olivia Benson, might just be the cutest things in the existence of Earth. After watching many videos on her social media accounts, it’s pretty clear Taylor is in love with both of her cats, along with all of her friends! No matter what people think, time spent with cats is never wasted.

4. Be happy, free, confused, and lonely at the same time 

  It’s pretty obvious that Taylor has been single for a while and that’s totally okay! Now she has more time to spend with her friends like Karlie Kloss, Lena Dunham, Ella Yelich-O’Connor (Lorde), Lily Aldridge, and the band Haim. Taylor seems happier than ever now that she can just chill with her best friends and not care about a man. If you are single, great! If not, that’s cool, too! Having a girls’ night to get away from all of the stress of life is always a good idea, take it from Taylor, because like she always says and what I always live by, “the best people in life are free.”


5. Bake it off!

  ‘Cause the bakers gonna bake, bake, bake, bake, bake! Taylor loves, loves, loves to bake! She says she bakes but rarely follows the recipe because she likes to experiment. She often bakes cookies for, well basically everyone, but also when she was just a new artist at age 15 she baked cookies for each radio station she stopped at on her radio tour. I mean how sweet is she?! Nothing to do next Sunday? Grab that old recipe book in the back of the cabinet or, if you’re as daring as Taylor, experiment and see what happens!

6. Believe in fairytales…sometimes

  Taylor’s younger self had tons of fairytale daydreams, I mean hello, “Love Story” was a classic. But now she still has some of her “wildest dreams,” am I right? She isn’t 100 percent done with letting her imagination run wild, but she does have more of a clear view on reality. Taylor said, “we are never out of the woods because we are always fighting for something,” after the release of her song “Out of the Woods” (which I am listening to right now by the way). It’s a good reflection on how in the past two years of creating her album 1989, she noticed that love isn’t forever, and being in a relationship shouldn’t be “the anxiety… that frantic anxiety of wondering if you're on solid ground yet." If you want to be like Taylor, though, don’t just be realistic, because she is everything but plain old realistic. It is always okay to “believe in the ‘prince charmings’ and the love stories and the happily ever afters.”

8. Try your hand at a musical instrument

  I’m not saying you have to be an avid guitar player like Taylor, but maybe pick up an instrument one of these days to change up your daily life a little. Taylor plays guitar, piano, banjo, and ukulele! She even inspired me to start playing music, so you should try, too! It’s a great way to be creative, have fun, and express your emotions. You don’t even have to play a hard instrument, maybe something as simple as a ukulele can be your new way of jamming to T-Swizzle!

9. Have chill days every now and then

  What’s one of Taylor’s favorite things to do? Binge watch her favorite T.V shows, like Grey’s Anatomy or Law & Order: SVU. Even though she may seem glamorous and always out and about, on her free time Taylor enjoys having a cup of tea, cuddling with her cats, and watching T.V. So don’t be ashamed at those lazy Friday nights!

10. Be generous

  I’m not saying you have to give $1,989 to a girl you’ve never met so she can go to college or send expensive Christmas presents to random fans on Tumblr, but think of someone other than yourself once and a while. Maybe go all out for a friend’s birthday and get them a well thought out gift, not just your everyday candle, because if there were an award for gift-giving, Taylor, or should I say “Santa Swift,” would totally win.

11. Be “the lucky one”

  Completely unrelated to her song “The Lucky One,” but Taylor is a little superstitious. She obviously couldn’t live without the number thirteen, considering the fact that she wrote it on her hand everyday for about three years, but there’s a reason behind it. Her first number one song had a thirteen second intro, every award show that she’s won an award at she was seated in row thirteen or seat M (the thirteenth letter,) and of course her birthday is December thirteenth! Taylor also believes that her dreams mean things, too, like in “All You Had To Do Was Stay,” the high-pitched voice was based on a dream she had. If you wanna really be like Taylor, have a lucky number, letter, color, whatever, and it will help you succeed just like Taylor!

12. Express your feelings with your creative side

  Poetry, novels, songs, watercolors; Taylor does it all to express what she’s feeling, so why shouldn’t you? Instead of complaining about your problems, turn it into a poem! If you are too happy to handle, paint a bright watercolor! Taylor’s whole career is based on her ability to turn her emotions into amazing, deep works of art (and also #1 hits.) Become your inner Taylor next time you are feeling something intense and want to be creative!

13. Be fearless

  She couldn’t have said it better, fearless is not the absence of fear, but having fears. It is okay to do things you may have never wanted to do. Taylor never thought she would cut off all her hair, go pop, and move it New York City, but look at her now. Taking chances, and, as Taylor said in her fearless prologue “fearless is living in spite of those things that scare you to death.” So go for it. Be fearless. Don’t care about what people think because you never know where it may lead you.



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