Welcome to The Spark Post.

Since before I can remember, I've drawn inspiration from the people around me. Whether it be their fashion sense, behavior, or lifestyle, I found myself emulating those who I have discovered through social media and beyond. So, I decided to make this blog as a platform for I, along with my readers, to interview and get to know the social icons and artists who inspire the world we live in today. What really started out as a creative outlet for me to share my life and thoughts, has quickly grown into a larger platform and source where young women come together and find inspiration from others. The Spark Post features mostly interviews, along with articles, collages, written pieces, pictures, journal entries, art, videos, quotes, quizzes, and more from the lives of our readers and writers. 

I hope you enjoy reading The Spark Post, as much as I do creating it.


Sasha Berman (@ohhmysash)
Founder and Editor-in-Chief

Sasha spends her time asking questions, daydreaming, figuring out what to wear, and traveling. She is a senior in high school and lives in Orlando, Florida.